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Pediatric Acupuncture

Ms. Okabe is also specialized in pediatric acupuncture with many years of pediatric acupuncture experience.  She uses the special pediatric acupuncture tools called “Sho-ni-shin” (means pediatric acupuncture needles) which were invented in Japan about 300 years ago. They are used to gently scrape, roll, or tap specific areas of the skin.  The smallest patient she has ever had was an one month old baby for a colic condition.  Due to her gentle needling technique, almost all the children are looking forward to coming to acupuncture treatments.  In addtion, children actually respond much quicker than grown ups because their energy (Qi) is very sensitive and also they are full of energy (especially Yang-Qi) to begin with.

Herbal formulas are also used for various conditions such as cold/flu, digestive problems, headaches, ear infection, asthma, allergies and many more.  They can be used in conjuction with orthodox medications until it is safe to slowly decrease the amount of medication being taken.  It is best to do this with co-operation of a child physician and acupuncturist.

Clinic: (916) 983-7998  |  After Hours Contact: (916) 521-1270