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My first experience with Japanese Acupuncture was in Santa Fe, NM, after a long bout of serious vertigo. Previously, I had experienced different styles of Chinese Acupuncture in CA but did not know that the Japanese culture had refined this method of healing with finer needles, shallower penetration and less painful invasion.

It was clear at that time, that Japanese Acupuncture curtailed the symptoms of vertigo over a period of 6 sessions. Not only was it gentler, I felt relief after every appointment. In contrast, the Chinese method left me feeling more nauseous and less relieved over fewer sessions. Though all the Santa Fe doctors were reputable, my body responded more positively to the Japanese method without question. I also believe the energy of the practitioner, coupled with my normally healthy body and lifestyle influenced my chances of a quicker recovery.

Since being back in CA at sea level, I have not had any recurring vertigo. I have seen Dr. Okabe for a period of 4 months and have chosen to use her method of Japanese Acupuncture for preventive measures in keeping me stable and centered, both physically and emotionally. Dr. Okabe can identify any slight weakness in my body by reading the pulses and is quick to bring them into balance, noticing how rapidly I respond to her treatment within a matter of minutes.

Dr. Okabe is a compassionate, caring and highly skilled practitioner. I recommend her services without hesitation. I would even venture to say to someone who has never experienced acupuncture before: try the Japanese style before the more common Chinese methods, especially if one is sensitive. Historically, most everything the Japanese have assimilated from the Chinese culture has become refined and improved over several thousands of years. I know this to be true because I am Chinese and have both cultures in my family.”

– Liz Jan, Fair Oaks, CA

My son, Derek, had awful seasonal allergies. He was also suffering from other allergens. He was on doses of Singular and Zyrtec on a daily bases. He had so much drugs on board that it started to affect his schooling. He had lack of focus and concentration due to the drugs. We got introduced to Emiko Okabe by a fellow mom who’s child also suffered from allergies. She spoke highly of her so we gave her a try. After 2 months of consecutive appointments, my son was completely off of all drugs and had no sighs of suffering from allergies. We are true believers of the practice. Now Derek has more focus and concentration, he is excelling in all areas. Thank you, Emiko!”

– Anna Pak, El Dorado Hills, CA

This is a testimonial about acupuncture. Last year, I was suffering from headaches, sinus problems, and body aches. Attending college made it impossible for me to concentrate on my subjects. I went to the medical doctor only to receive pain medication. By taking pain medication, it was interfering with my alertness in class and concentration until one day, I decided to try acupuncture. I was willing to try anything to get the pain under control and feel well again. I went to my appointment not knowing what to expect. However, let me tell you when the first office visit was over, I got up and started to feel like a new person again. It was amazing. I could not be happier. I have made another appointment to work on some other issues that I have with body. My family has noticed the difference in me. I let everyone know what it took in order to feel better. In addition, just to let everyone out there know, the procedure is painless.”

– SC, Rocklin, CA

I have been seeing Emiko Okabe for only a couple of months now, but am delighted with my results. Japanese acupuncture, as delivered by Emiko is so very different from the traditional Chinese acupuncture that I’ve received in the past; the needles are much thinner, and Emiko’s approach is considerably gentler. The acupuncturists that I’ve visited in the past, did not concern themselves with my comfort while I received treatment, and would very often leave me lying on the table for a very long time (45 minutes to an hour) without even checking on me. With Emiko, I never lie on the table for more than 15 minutes at a time. Additionally, with other acupuncturists, there was rarely ever any consideration for my warmth and I would inevitably lie on the table, shivering and waiting for a long time for them to return.

Emiko makes my personal comfort a top priority. She uses bolsters under my knees, warm towels to cover my body, a heat lamp to keep my feet and back from being cold, and has soothing music playing in the background. Her treatments have helped me dramatically with pain from endometriosis, back & neck pain, sleep issues, and have improved my mood significantly.

Perhaps the greatest change I’ve noticed, though, is in my husband, who began seeing Emiko just a few weeks ago for extreme pain in his hip caused by osteoarthritis. After only one session with Emiko a large percentage of his pain had simply disappeared. This is the first time he’s received any significant relief from arthritis pain since he was diagnosed almost a year ago. He looks forward to his visits with Emiko, as they are making it possible for him to engage in the activities he loves!

I feel confident and happy to recommend Emiko to anyone looking for a practitioner who can ease his/her pain in a comfortable, clean and healthy environment.”

– Nicole H., Rancho Cordova, CA

I needed and wanted to quit smoking. For me, medications have far too many side effects and Nicotine replacement patches just didn’t make sense, but I knew I would need supports. My acupuncture sessions were painless and relaxing and they worked! Sure, I would get an occasional craving but they passed quickly. I would get anxious but would keep busy with exercise. Within the first week, I was sleeping much better and by week two, I wasn’t anxious anymore. Emiko is very caring and makes you feel comfortable.”

– Cathy Frost, Folsom, CA

I was experiencing pain in my elbow and shoulder from a fall, to the point I was unable to work. After two weeks of treatment, I was as good as new! This is the first time I’ve had Japanese acupuncture and have told all my friends about it. I was treated by Ms. Emiko Okabe, L.Ac. and am very pleased with her technique and attention to address my concerns.”

– Don Hanson, Placerville, CA

I have been treated for various physical problems by Dr. Emiko Okabe. I have complete faith in her diagnosis and treatment ability. Her thorough knowledge, professional demeanor, perfect and gentle dexterity inspires confidence in her patients. I wholeheartedly commend this dedicated doctor on her unmatched concern and care in her practice of acupuncture.”

– Dorothy M. Takata, Sacramento, CA

A few months ago I hurt my lower back at work while lifting heavy crates. I immediately went to see my general practitioner who prescribed pain medicine and ice packs. Although it helped somewhat, I still had constant pain radiating down my left leg. After trying what my general practitioner prescribed for a couple of weeks, I was not able to fully perform my job and started looking into other solutions to help with my pain.

Although I was very apprehensive about trying acupuncture for the first time, I looked online for acupuncture providers in the area, I found Sakura Family Acupuncture to be the best choice: Professional, highly experienced, most caring, best value, and nice facilities.

After just a couple of treatments by Dr. Okabe, my pain began subsiding and I could return to full employment. After just four treatments, my pain has completely subsided. As a bonus, my seasonal allergy issues that I’ve had for years have almost diminished.

I recommend to look for a more holistic and non-invasive approach for non-emergency ailments before treating with prescription drugs. I highly recommend Dr. Okabe at Sakura Family Acupuncture to anyone in need of acupuncture.”

– Steven S., Sacramento, CA

I am thankful to Emiko for the help she has given me over the last several months. I previously had experienced the Chinese style of acupuncture and had never heard of the Japanese style of acupuncture, but decided to give it a try. I have found it to be much more helpful to my overall well-being. Emiko is very good at detecting the meridian areas that need tending to and has helped me tremendously with the tension in my shoulder and back areas. My gastric problems have been taken care of and my sciatica has also improved and we continue to work on that area. Emiko is very caring and a good listener with a wonderful personality…very easy to talk with.”

– May, Lincoln, CA

“My 7 year-old suffers from painful migraines that come 3 to 4 times a week. We have been coming to Emiko for the past 3 months and now my son’s migraines are fewer and far between, even the pain level is much less. Emiko’s work is amazing! Plus she’s fantastic with children. We are very happy and pleased with our results. Thank you, Emiko!”

– Susanne Wolter, Folsom, CA

“I have been to Emiko only a few times, however, have frequented acupuncture clinics for the last two years before I moved here. I must say that the relief I feel in my jaw (a condition I’ve had for 20 years) is lasting longer and quite remarkable. I have never experienced the lightness of touch that she uses. It’s rare to feel anything during the treatment except complete relaxation. I will continue to regularly seek acupuncture treatment from Emiko.”

– Cathy, El Dorado Hills, CA

“I was experiencing ongoing nerve pain following cancer surgery as well as a reaction to the cancer medication. Emiko’s treatments helped significantly in both areas. My negative symptoms have been reduced and I now have an increased ability to enjoy normal activities. I strongly recommend this type of acupuncture to anyone who needs to improve their body’s ability to heal.

– JC Frazier, Placerville, CA

I started seeing Emiko in May 2010 for an injured IT band and sore right knee. After 2 visits, I was able to continue my training for my 2 half marathons that I ran in October 2010 with very successful completions! Thank you!”

– Jennie Hutchinson, Folsom, CA

I appreciate Emiko’s gentle but powerfully effective style of care and acupuncture. I have found relief from allergies and back and knee pain as well as assistance for digestive health.”

– Michele, Sacramento, CA

The arthritic pain in my back had become so severe that I could only stand for a few short minutes. Physical therapy and steroid injections did not help. I was told that surgery was the next step and it would probably give me only fifty percent relief. After one treatment with Emiko, the pain relief was more than fifty percent. Acupuncture has also provided great relief from sciatic pain. Emiko is a highly skilled, nurturing and caring practitioner. I highly recommend her and thank her for the relief that she has provided me.”

– Marietta S., Folsom, CA

In addition to her highly skilled and professional practice of acupuncture, Dr. Okabe is highly skilled as a genuine healer whose compassion and caring is evident in her work. Her treatments are giving me relief from pain caused by a fall (even cracked ribs) and, oh so important, hope that I am on my way to feeling well again.”

– Barbara Smith Stoff, Loomis, CA

I was apprehensive before trying acupuncture with Emiko, but I’m ecstatic with the beautiful relaxation and peaceful bliss I feel after her treatments. I highly recommend Emiko’s magic for any physical, emotional or spiritual challenges.”

– Stacey, Gold River, CA

I have been seeing Dr. Emiko Okabe for the past two years for numerous health reasons. I was in extreme chronic pain when I first came to Emiko, with 8 years of chronic back pain from an old injury. I had many gastrointestinal issues, many of which were caused by prescription medications and other trauma. Her sessions became a vital part of my healing process, and still are very important in helping with my pain. She is one of the most generous and kind Doctors and people in this world, and her thorough visits always benefit me physically and emotionally. There is so much healing Japanese Traditional Medicine has given to me in my life, and I am so thankful for Emiko Okabe for her hard work and wonderful help she has enriched my life with.”

– Nicole Bass, Citrus Heights, CA

I had an extremely painful case of shingles on my face and eye on the left side for 4 weeks when I went to Emiko for acupuncture treatments. I was not taking the pain medication prescribed by my doctor because it was Neurontin, a drug used to treat seizures as well as nerve pain. Emiko suggested treatments for singles: 6 acupuncture sessions. With each session of first three sessions, I noticed significant improvement in the amount of pain I suffered throughout the day. I was also able to remove my sunglasses while indoors. I had been very sensitive to light in my left eye. The fourth treatment seemed to hold steady as far as pain relief. With fifth treatment, I felt tremendously better. 80% of my pain was gone. My left eye is no longer light-sensitive. Emiko is a gentle, knowledgeable professional. I am grateful that I found such an effective treatment.”

– Linda R., Placerville, CA

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